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CLAAS Arion 430

The CLAAS Arion 430 is part of the German manufacturer’s widely successful Arion 400 series of compact mid-horsepower tractors. First released in 2009, and built at the CLAAS production facility in Le Mans, France, the Arion 430 is a robust, durable utility tractor that delivers reliable performance.

Several iterations of the CLAAS Arion 430 have been released over the years, and the 2022 machine year serves as a useful guide to past models’ typical specifications. It has a DPS 4.5-litre, four-cylinder engine capable of developing 120 hp (and up to 130 hp with CLAAS Power Management (CPM) Powerboost). Maximum torque tops out at 495 Nm (or 510 Nm with CPM) to provide excellent pulling power, especially in such a compact frame, while a top speed of 40 kph means the Arion 430 can handle road transport with ease.

The wasp-waist front axle ensures high manoeuvrability with a tight turning circle, while the long wheelbase maximises tractive power in fields and on undulating terrain. The single-piece bonnet provides easy access to the engine, radiator and other key components for convenient checks, servicing and maintenance. Additionally, clever weight distribution keeps the Arion 430 stable during loading operations and on challenging soils.

Inside the cab, the instrument layout places a clear emphasis on efficiency: the multi-functional joystick enables precise, intuitive control of key vehicle functions, while the rest of the control panel is laid out logically and ergonomically. The seat and steering column are adjustable, air conditioning is included as standard, and the in-cab noise level is just 72 db(A).

Features and specifications

The CLAAS Arion 430 tractor is engineered to serve as a reliable, durable workhorse, though it also features a wide selection of premium innovations. For example, the optional CLAAS PANORAMIC cab and narrow bonnet provide an uninterrupted view of the front attachment for optimal visibility and complete control, especially during loading tasks.

Key CLAAS Arion 430 specs include:

• DPS 4.5-litre, four-cylinder engine
• Max. engine output: 120 hp (130 hp with CPM)
• Max. torque: 495 Nm (510 Nm with CPM)
• Transmission: QUADRISHIFT (16 gears) or HEXASHIFT (24 gears)
• Chassis: MFWD 4WD
• Wheelbase: 256 cm
• Weight: 4900 kg

Additionally, the CLAAS Arion 430 is available with Standard, CIS or CIS+ operating system packages. A range of optional extras – from a cooler compartment for snacks and drinks to an additional instructor seat – are available for enhanced comfort and customisation.

Used CLAAS Arion 430 for sale

Thanks to their robust engineering and ease of maintenance, it is common to find used CLAAS Arion 430 models still in operation with well over 10,000 service hours on the clock. Heavily used specimens can provide reliable service with due care and attention, and represent an economical way to secure a solid, reliable workhorse.

At E-FARM, we have a wide range of CLAAS Arion 430 for sale from across our Europe-wide dealer network. We understand that buying agricultural machinery is a big investment, so if you have questions about buying a used tractor online, our multilingual team of specialists would be happy to advise you – so you can buy with confidence.