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CLAAS Arion 640

Constructed between 2007 and 2012 at the CLAAS factory in Le Mans, the CLAAS Arion 640 was among the largest mid-horsepower tractors on the market when first released. Designed with a clear focus on power, performance and functionality, it offers excellent driver comfort for this mid-range segment.

The CLAAS Arion 640 tractor is fitted with a DPS 6.8-litre, six-cylinder engine with a maximum output of 155 hp (and up to 175 hp with the CLAAS Power Management (CPM) Powerboost). Its six cylinders deliver more punch than the four-cylinder engines in the CLAAS 400 and 500 series and, by delivering maximum torque of 656 Nm (710 Nm with CPM), supply the pulling power needed for most attachments – in the fields or on the road.

Engineered to maximise fuel efficiency, it weighs in at just over six tonnes and has an impressive power-to-weight ratio of just 34 kg/hp, which translates to excellent fuel economy and low soil compaction. Additionally, the CLAAS 640 has a short overall length with a relatively long wheelbase, which enhances weight distribution for better traction, stability and lifting power.

The cab layout and design prioritises functionality above all, though some of the comfort features are reminiscent of a higher spec, high-horsepower model. The instrument panel is logically paid out with ergonomic, intuitive joysticks and controls, with excellent visibility thanks to large windows on all sides and an expansive sunroof. The four-point cab suspension also provides exceptional comfort for a mid-horsepower model from the late 2000s, while the standard air-conditioning system could also be upgraded to automatic climate control.

Features and specifications

The CLAAS Arion 640 certainly punches above its weight, with outstanding pulling power for a tractor of its size – in part thanks to the CPM Powerboost system, which provides extra muscle when needed. Its robust engineering is designed to handle heavy-duty field work, while the top speed of 50 kph enables dynamic road transport. Additionally, 500-hour service intervals for the engine and 1000-hour service intervals for the transmission keep maintenance costs to a minimum.

The standard version of the CLAAS Arion 640 boasts impressive specifications:

• DPS 6.8-litre, six-cylinder engine
• Max. engine output: 155 hp (175 hp with CPM Powerboost)
• Max. torque: 656 Nm (710 hp with CPM Powerboost)
• HEXASHIFT transmission (24 gears across four ranges)
• Chassis: MFWD 4WD
• Wheelbase: 282 cm
• Weight: 6260 kg

Buying a used CLAAS Arion 640

A CLAAS Arion 640 is the ideal choice for any farmer looking for a versatile, mid-horsepower tractor with extra muscle. Solid, stable and reliable with impressive, dynamic power, used models in good condition offer excellent value at a more affordable price-point than models from other manufacturers.

At E-FARM, we have a number of used CLAAS Arion 640 for sale through our extensive dealer network. If you would like to arrange independent quality inspections or have questions about payment or shipping, reach out to our multilingual team of agricultural machinery specialists for reliable advice.