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CLAAS Axion 830

Relaunched by CLAAS in 2017 as part of an extensive overhaul of the German manufacturer’s tractor offering, the award-winning CLAAS Axion 800 series comprises powerful utility tractors with a range of features and functions to boost efficiency, productivity and comfort.

The CLAAS Axion 830 tractor sits in the middle of the Axion 800 series. It has an FPT 6.7-litre, six-cylinder engine with maximum output of 235 hp and maximum torque of 1016 Nm. The choice of a CMATIC continuously variable transmission or a HEXASHIFT powershift transmission provides a top speed of 40 kph or 50 kph respectively. These factors combined mean the CLAAS 830 is equally at home pulling heavy attachments over challenging fields or performing demanding road transport operations.

The CLAAS Axion 830 has a range of CEMOS assistance systems that maximise engine performance and efficiency. This means better fuel efficiency and reduced tyre wear – thereby contributing to lower operating costs. Additionally, the DOC and SCRoF units installed under the cab ensure compliance with Stage V exhaust emissions standards.

Load-sensing hydraulics with a pump capacity up to 205 l/min provide excellent lifting power, with a maximum rear lift approaching 10 tonnes and almost six tonnes on the optional front linkage. This is further supported by the long wheelbase on the CLAAS Axion 830, which adds stability and optimises weight distribution.

The CLAAS Axion 830 comes with the CIS cab as standard, which features mechanical spool valves and a multi-functional armrest alongside other ergonomically arranged controls. The upgraded CIS+ and CEBIS cabs offer more wide-ranging, data-driven functionalities.

Features and specifications

The air-conditioned CIS cab also features four-way suspension as standard and a double-insulated floor to minimise noise during operation. Optional extras range from a tinted rear window to a choice of upgraded, ventilated seats and premium leather upholstery. Other practical add-ons include up to 20 LED work lights, the CSM headland management system and the GPS PILOT steering system.

Even in the standard configuration, the CLAAS Axion 830 specs are impressive:

• FPT 6.7-litre, six-cylinder engine
• Max. engine output: 235 hp
• Max. torque: 1016 Nm
• Transmission: CMATIC or HEXASHIFT
• Wheelbase: 298 cm
• Weight: 8400–9150 kg (depending on configuration)

Buying a used CLAAS Axion 830

Besides its exceptional pulling and lifting power, the CLAAS Axion 830 includes various intelligent solutions to improve efficiency and productivity. And, as many of these optional systems prove popular with farmers, used CLAAS Axion 830 often come with several of these advanced features.

At E-FARM, we have numerous used CLAAS Axion 830 for sale through our extensive dealer network. If you’d like to find out more about this model, independent quality inspections or shipping arrangements, get in touch with our multilingual team for sound, specialist advice.