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Trade-in of old machines

Europe-wide warranty

Individual purchasing support


Knowing exactly where your money goes, having the flexibility to choose how to pay, and when. With our secure and transparent payment options, you can enjoy that reassuring feeling of buying your used farm machinery from a trusted partner.


We are your contractual partner


Your money goes to our German bank account


Simply purchase your machine on account


Choose from numerous payment options

100 % payment security: our promise to you!

Buying used farm machinery from abroad online might seem risky. With E-FARM you can ensure it is not. When buying, we will be your contractual partner. This means you will be dealing with a German company with a German bank account - in your language.
E-FARM purchases your desired machine from the dealer for you. We know and trust our partners. So can you!
While the machine goes directly from the dealer to your yard, you can be sure to have 100 % payment transparency at all times.

We will find the perfect payment option for you!

Petar Moryanov

Country Manager