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Used potato harvesters

As any potato farmer knows, a good potato harvester is a must. And the technology has come a long way since the humble potato spinner was first introduced, back in the 1860s. Today’s potato harvesters are sophisticated machines and come in a variety of configurations. At E-FARM, we’re proud to stock an extensive range of used potato harvesters – from simple, lightweight and low-maintenance models to state-of-the-art behemoths, packed with innovative features for efficient farming on a large scale.

One row or two?

When it comes to buying a potato harvester, there are plenty of options to bear in mind. Are you looking for a single-row harvester, a two-row harvester – or three, four or even more? Self-propelled or trailed? In-line or offset? Should your potatoes be discharged into a trailer, windrowed or transferred to an integrated bunker? Will you opt for a harvester with standard tyres – or do you need a model with tracks to prevent soil compaction and increase driving stability, even in adverse conditions? Then there’s the question of whether you want a set-up that includes a haulm roller and a picking table. Or for a more versatile piece of kit, choose a potato harvester that can also handle other tubers and bulbs – whether that’s carrots, onions, turnips, celeriac or parsnips. With the extensive range of models available at E-FARM, you’re guaranteed to find the perfect used potato harvester for sale in our online shop.

The best brands – all in one place

We stock a wide selection of potato harvesters from top manufacturers, including Dewulf, Grimme, Wühlmaus, ROPA, Spudnik and Standen. For a self-propelled four-row potato harvester, try the Dewulf Kwatro. Featuring tracks for exceptional stability, a spacious cabin and the biggest bunker on the market, the Kwatro is a reliable and high-performing potato harvester with a well-deserved reputation. For a centre-trailed two-row harvester, take a look at the Grimme GT 170, which boasts a variety of separators to cope with various soil conditions. And if you want high productivity with neat windrows, the Spudnik 6180 eight-row windrower is the machine for you.