Delivery to your door

Trade-in of old machines

Europe-wide warranty

Individual purchasing support

Why choose E-FARM?

Just your ordinary marketplace? No. At E-FARM, we claim to be different - because we are! We want to make that difference for you when buying used machinery. Come see for yourself why you should try us:

We are real people

Interested in buying machines online from the comfort of your home, but without the anonymity, impersonality and insecurities that usually accompany it? Our international team speaks 20 languages and is always just a phone call away. It’s like purchasing from your dealer next door – with the machine collection of a whole continent at hand.

We are unique

We want your heart to beat faster when driving your machine for the first time – not when buying it. That’s why we not only offer more than 50,000 machines in one click only, but provide all-round service with our neutral machine inspection, insurance-covered transport, safe payment, and warranty options. Surely something you can not find anywhere else.

We know your business

We are experts in what we do, so you can rely on having a partner by your side who knows exactly what you need. Our team not only has a farming background but is always happy to share their knowledge about what to look out for when buying from your country. With our dealer network at hand and daily machine updates, you can be certain we will do our best to find you the perfect match.

Try it yourself

Petar Moryanov

Country Manager