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Ploughs play a crucial role in agricultural production, maximising crop productivity and farm profitability. An efficient, effective plough ensures the soil is in the best condition for crop cultivation – a crucial factor in ensuring that a farm is financially and ecologically sustainable.
Agricultural techniques have evolved over the years, particularly when it comes to the rise of min-till and no-till approaches in recent decades. Primarily aimed at conservation, these approaches attempt to minimise soil disruption in a more sustainable manner. However, min-till farming often relies on herbicides to remove weeds from crop fields, detracting from its sustainability credentials. As a result, established and conventional tillage techniques remain the norm.

Ploughs come in all shapes and sizes, from agile two-furrow and three-furrow ploughs to big beasts like the Kverneland PW, available with up to 12 furrows for high-volume ploughing. However, effective tillage relies on having the right plough, adapted and configured for the specific soil and crop types.

The ideal plough for every application

Modern ploughs also feature a range of functions to maximise efficiency, effectiveness and consistency. These range from traction control systems to minimise wheel slippage in the soil to hydraulic systems for variable furrow width, with the ability to adjust everything from the skim coulter to the plough leg angle.

There are numerous types of plough to choose from, including:
• Mouldboard plough: A large, curved bottom part slices and inverts the soil, which loosens and aerates the soil, bringing deeper-lying nutrients to the surface. Often used in less fertile regions.
• Disc plough: A number of steel discs cut, break and loosen the soil. Suitable for soils with minimal clogging, especially hard and stony ground.
• Ridge plough: Two wings cut and shape the soil to form consistent, raised furrows, ideal for crops such as potatoes and asparagus.

Of course, finding the right plough requires careful consideration of the number of furrows, attachment types and assistance systems you require.

Finding the right used plough for you

Although the rise of min-till has seen some plough manufacturers leave the market, new names have since cropped up and many established names remain successful. From Kverneland, the Norwegian tillage specialists, to smaller manufacturers such as Poland’s Agro-Masz and the high-end German brand Lemken, there are a host of providers to consider.

At E-FARM, we have an extensive range of used ploughs for sale from the world’s leading brands. We offer extensive advice and support in over 20 languages. So, if you’re looking for expert guidance to help you find the right plough for your farm, we’re here to help.