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Used Kubota tractors

Kubota began life as a foundry in the Japanese city of Osaka in 1890. The company was originally focused solely on producing cast-iron water pipes and other waterworks equipment. But the 1920s saw the company start to develop and produce oil engines for agro-industrial applications. In 1947, Kubota expanded its business into the agricultural sector with the development of its cultivator, and then went on to develop and produce Japan’s first tractor, in 1960.
Kubota’s mission is to use technological innovation for the good of society¬. Today, there are more than 5.1 million Kubota tractors globally, working hard to feed people all over the world. At E-FARM, we stock a wide range of used Kubota tractors – so whatever you’re looking for, we’ve got the perfect Kubota for you.

A stellar range

Kubota may be best known for its compact tractors – such as the BX231, which is perfect for mowing and cultivation work. Yet those in the business know that the Kubota product range runs the gamut – from modest to mammoth. And we stock them all at E-FARM. If you’re looking for a mid-sized second-hand Kubota tractor that’s an adept all-rounder, go for the M6-142. With extremely good manoeuvrability and a powerful engine, it can handle a vast range of tasks around the farm – from spraying, fertilising and muck-spreading to tedding, baling and wrapping. For a used Kubota tractor that can cope with the demands of large-scale commercial farming, try the M7171. A true powerhouse, it boasts immense strength and features a high-spec cab that offers outstanding visibility and superior comfort. So no matter what work you’re doing around the farm – or the size your outfit – with our extensive range of second-hand Kubota tractors for sale, you’re guaranteed to find something to suit.