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Massey Ferguson 6465

Since the first tractor rolled off its production line in the 1950s, Massey Ferguson machinery has been in fields across the UK and US. In the farming industry, the name Massey Ferguson stands for efficiency, reliability and endurance – and the MF 6465 is no exception.

Manufactured between 2004 and 2012, the popular Massey Ferguson 6465 model remains a dependable workhorse to this day. Although primarily designed for row-crop cultivation, its impressive agility and versatility make it highly suitable for various applications.

The Massey 6465 features a reliable six-cylinder engine with 120 hp, is available in 2WD and 4WD versions and can reach 40 kph during road transport. Inside the cab, a cushioned seat, ergonomic control layout and air-conditioning system ensure a comfortable driving experience, with clear and unobstructed views on all sides.

Ease of use and servicing are calling cards of the Massey Ferguson brand. All service points are easily accessible and, when properly maintained, the MF 6465 can a loyal servant, even with thousands of hours already on the clock. It is not uncommon to see owners rack up over 15,000 hours of active use – unmatched by many other manufacturers.

Key details and specifications

This medium-horsepower tractor combines power, weight and balance in a compact package, with features and functionalities carefully designed to provide a comfortable driving experience. Let’s take a look at some of the key features:

• AGCO SISU POWER, six-cylinder turbo/intercooled engine
• Max. engine power: 130 hp
• Transmission: MF 6400 Dyna-6 transmission
• QuadLink front-axle suspension
• Improved fuel economy
• Ergonomic swivel seat with lumbar support and armrest-mounted controls

The Massey Ferguson 6465 also came with a number of optional extras, from Xenon lights for night-time working and optional cab heating systems, to power take-off (PTO) control systems and load-sensing (CCLS) hydraulics.

Buying a used Massey Ferguson 6465

Although the Massey Ferguson 6465 is not the newest model on the market, it more than makes up for that with its outstanding reliability, durability and efficiency. This agricultural stalwart is a reliable budget option for row-crop farmers looking for a dependable workhorse.

At E-FARM, we have a number of Massey Ferguson 6465 for sale. And we understand that buying used farm machinery online can be daunting. All our tractors can be independently inspected to ensure their quality and provide peace of mind. We also offer support in over 20 languages – so, if you have any questions or need advice, our specialist team can help. Get in touch.