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Massey Ferguson 7718

The Massey Ferguson 7718 was released in 2015 in response to demand from farmers for a tractor with high-horsepower performance and the manoeuvrability of a more compact, mid-level model. This powerful, versatile tractor was manufactured at the Massey Ferguson plant in Beauvais, France, before being replaced by the MF 7718 S in 2018.

The adaptable Massey 7718 has the power required to operate heavy attachments. It is also agile and responsive enough to perform precise operations with ease. Massey Ferguson consulted extensively with customers during the development phase. The result is a tractor explicitly designed to meet the dynamic needs of demanding livestock, arable and mixed farmers.

The Massey Ferguson 7718 is equipped with an AGCO Power 6.6-litre, six-cylinder Stage IV engine, with a rated output of 175 hp (boosting to 200 hp with EPM). It comes loader-ready with the MF 9000 loader in mind, though reconfiguration for other attachments is easily achievable. A range of driver-assistance and engine-optimisation systems mean the MF 7718 is easy and economical to operate.

The robust design also includes iconic red Massey Ferguson paintwork and chunky, angular bodywork. Inside the cab, ergonomic controls – including a multi-functional joystick – simplify operation, while a larger dashboard screen and panoramic views ensure farmers have a complete overview of their work. Air-conditioning systems and an air-suspended swivel seat are provided as standard to keep you comfortable during long days in the field.

Features and specifications

The Massey Ferguson 7718 is designed to be straightforward, versatile and easy to operate This down-to-earth approach is backed by impressive specifications.

• AGCO Power 6.6-litre, six-cylinder Stage IV engine with SCR technology
• Transmission: Dyna-6 as standard (or Dyna-VT for more precise control)
• Drivetrain: 4WD
• Engine Power Management (EPM) system to boost power and performance when needed
• Dynamic Tractor Management (DTM) system to manage engine level on uneven or challenging terrain and reduce fuel consumption
• Closed Centre Load Sensing (CCLS) hydraulics
• Heavy-duty rear linkage with lift capacity up to 9950 kg

The MF 7718 also features an array of intelligent functions to maximise productivity and profitability in different agricultural sectors.

Buying a used Massey Ferguson 7718

The Massey Ferguson 7700 series was designed to maximise efficiency and cut operating costs to a minimum. Its technologies are straightforward, dependable and recognised – so you can focus on the farming rather than worrying about servicing and maintenance.

At E-FARM, we have a range of Massey Ferguson 7718 for sale from our extensive dealer network. All our tractors are independently inspected, so you can buy online with confidence. If you have any queries about the tractors or want to discuss our payment and delivery options, our multilingual team of agricultural experts can help.