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Massey Ferguson 6713

Massey Ferguson has long been an established, well-regarded name in the agricultural industry. It decided to start from the bottom up when designing its 6700 series. Investing $350 million in the project, it produced tractors that meet the needs of modern and future farming.

This design revolution produced the Massey Ferguson 6713 – a straightforward utility tractor capable of meeting demanding requirements. In 2019, the MF 6713 secured a Finalist Award in the “Best Utility” category at the Tractor of the Year awards.

First launched in 2017, the Massey 6713 has proven a hit with farmers looking for a reliable utility tractor that offers excellent value for money. Its 4.4-litre four-cylinder AGCO Power engine provides 130 hp and was designed with an explicit focus on ruggedness and fuel economy. Combined with Massey’s trademark reliability, the result is an efficient and effective tractor with impressively low operating costs.

It has a rated lifting capacity of 5.2 tonnes, making it suitable for use with attachments from mowers to spreaders and cultivators. In addition, the 12x12 gearbox has been specifically developed by Massey for the 6700 series. Straightforward ergonomic cab layout and excellent all-round visibility also ensure an efficient, convenient driving experience.

Features and specifications

The Massey Ferguson 6713 boasts an extensive range of accessories and optional extras – an important aspect to consider when looking at used models. The standard package offers impressive specifications in its own right, including:

• AGCO Power 4.4-litre four-cylinder engine
• Max. engine power: 130 hp
• Drivetrain: 4WD
• Wheelbase: 2.5 m
• Industry-leading ELC for precise, responsive control

A sophisticated suspension system and cushioned swivel seat ensure an outstanding ride, even on rugged terrain. The MF 6713 is a true all-rounder, suitable for a wide range of municipal and farming applications.

Buying a used Massey Ferguson 6713

Rugged, reliable and cost-efficient, the MF 6713 is a straightforward utility tractor that ticks a variety of boxes. If you are looking for a dependable utility tractor to add to your farm’s fleet, a used Massey Ferguson 6713 is a safe choice and provides real value for money.

At E-FARM, all our tractors can undergo independent quality inspection to give you peace of mind when buying online. We have a range of Massey Ferguson 6713 for sale from our Europe-wide dealer network. And, if you have any questions about the tractors, payment options or shipment, you can contact our multilingual specialist team for advice and support – any time.