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New Holland T4 tractors

Having celebrated its 125th anniversary in 2020, New Holland has a rich history of supporting farmers with innovative, practical agricultural solutions – and the T4 tractor is no exception. In New Holland’s iconic blue, the bold T4 is designed to provide maximum driving comfort in a compact, versatile machine.

The T4 delivers on New Holland’s promise to take farming comfort to a whole new level. Its distinctive styling incorporates a cab configured to maximise the driver’s field of vision. The T4 expertly combines ergonomic design features and an advanced air-conditioning system to provide an incomparable driving experience.

Alongside these features, the compact NH T4 is a dynamic workhorse that supports maximum productivity. The extensive T4 range includes various models with different engine outputs, ranging from the T4.55 (offering 55 hp) to the T4.105 (offering 105 hp).

A true all-rounder, the T4 is at home in any farm environment and is suitable for both transport and field-based operations. Its robust design ensures that used New Holland T4 tractors retain their value – financially and for your farm.

Models and specifications

The T4 range also includes a number of specialist models, from the T4F for fruit-orchard farming to the T4V for vineyard operations. The T4 Stage V models include DOC and DPF technologies to ensure compliance with strict EU emissions limits while simultaneously enhancing fuel efficiency. Additionally, T4 LP (Low Profile) tractors feature the same reliable design but with heavy-duty axles for more demanding applications.

The beauty of the T4 lies in its compact size, versatility and pioneering driver comfort. A brief overview of its key specifications and benefits further underscores this point.

• Engine output: 55–105 hp (depending on model)
• Impressive power-to-weight ratio with high fuel efficiency
• Low operating costs, 600-hour service internals
• Outstanding driver comfort and enhanced field of vision
• Established New Holland quality and distinctive design

Buying a used New Holland T4 tractor

Since its launch on the European market back in 2014, the T4 has become extremely popular for a range of agricultural applications across the continent. Its compact design makes it agile and easy to store, while its excellent power-to-weight ratio means it remains suitable for a variety of light and heavy-duty applications.

When choosing the ideal T4 for you, it’s worth considering a used model. New Holland is an established leader in specialist tractors and provides reliable, robust design. E-FARM offers customers an extensive package, from advice and independent quality checks to transport services to your door.