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New Holland T5

The New Holland T5 range combines outstanding agility with the versatility required to excel in various applications, from fieldwork and loading to yard work and road transport. It is an ideal choice for livestock or mixed farmers looking for a compact, efficient tractor that packs more of a punch than the T4 range.

As is standard for New Holland tractors, the number after the range name indicates the engine power. The T5 range extends from the modest T5.75 to the powerful T5.140 (offering 75 hp and 140 hp respectively) – with the latter being ideally suited to road transport work.

The T5 family includes the T5 Utility, T5 Electro Command, T5 Dynamic Command and T5 Auto Command series. Despite their differences under the bonnet, models in every series feature the same distinctive New Holland styling, including the trademark blue paintwork and signature LED lights.

The Horizon cab offers excellent visibility, including curved rear windows for a panoramic all-round view, with a roof window available as an optional extra. The ergonomic dashboard, consoles and levers ensure that everything is within easy reach, while numerous air vents located around the cab ensure constant ventilation – ideal for long days in the field.

Additionally, the wide-frame front loader offers excellent stability, even when handling maximum rated loads at full extension. Despite this, the compact design of the T5 delivers agility and manoeuvrability, ideal for navigating tight yards and sheds.

Introducing the New Holland T5 family

Larger than the compact T4 but considerably more manoeuvrable than the T6 and T7 ranges, the T5 range comprises several specialised series:

T5 Utility (T5.80 to T5.120): These models feature a Stage V-compliant FPT Industrial F5 engine and offer excellent stability, even when handling maximum rated loads at full extension.
T5 Electro Command (T5.100 to T5.120): These models are available with New Holland’s Terraglide suspension for an ultra-smooth driving experience, even on rugged terrain. They also feature ECOBlue Compact HI-eSCR 2 technology to ensure compliance with Stage V requirements.
T5 Dynamic Command (T5.110 to T5.140): Fitted with a powerful FPT Industrial NEF engine and a Stage V ECOBlue Compact HI-eSCR 2 system, the eight-speed semi-powershift Dynamic Command makes these models ideal for road transport operations.
T5 Auto Command (T5.140): Only available with a 140 hp engine, this model features New Holland’s award-winning Auto Command transmission for stepless target speed settings from 20m/hr to 40km/hr. Also available in the Blue Power configuration – including metallic midnight blue paintwork and silver rims – for a truly eye-catching tractor.

Buying a used New Holland T5

With models ranging from 75 hp to 140 hp, the T5 family effectively covers the low-horsepower tractor segment. Whichever T5 model you choose, you can expect to benefit from New Holland’s trademark robust design, power and efficiency.

At E-FARM, we have an extensive range of used New Holland T5 for sale from dealers across Europe. With DEKRA inspections available for all listed tractors, secure payment methods and delivery direct to you, E-FARM removes the hassle and risk from buying a used tractor online. Our expert team is ready to answer your questions and provide reliable advice.