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New Holland T7

The New Holland T7 family is rugged and powerful enough to handle a wide range of requirements. It offers enhanced performance and functionality compared to the more compact T4, T5 and T6 series, along with premium features for outstanding driver comfort.

The FPT Industry NEF engines in the eight-model NH T7 series vary from a modest 150 hp to a powerful 300 hp. The result is a versatile range of large tractors suitable for different applications. For example, the T7.190, T7.200 L and T7.210 models are most at home on dairy farms and completing hay and foraging operations. At the other end of the scale, the mighty T7.290 and T7.315 models can handle anything from hay and foraging work to row crop cultivation and road transport with ease.

New Holland offers a range of transmission systems for its T7 series, with the choice of Auto Command, Power Command and Range Command transmissions geared to different applications. Meanwhile, the robust hydraulic systems can handle multiple hydraulic operations at the same time, with no loss of performance. Easy-to-access service points and 750-hour servicing intervals also keep downtime to a minimum.

The Horizon cab provides an uninterrupted, 360° view of the driver’s surroundings and keeps noise inside the cab to just 69 decibels in operation. The ergonomic control layout, spacious surroundings and best-in-class lighting options optimise both driver comfort and productivity.

T7: specifications and features

The T7 series includes a range of power levels and transmission options. However, the premium features don’t stop there.

The T7 series includes a number of telematics systems to help farmers remotely manage their workflow and machine. These intelligent systems generate value by boosting efficiency and reducing planning workloads.

Additionally, the premium T7 Sidewinder II models feature a number of special features and functionalities, including:
• Sidewinder armrest combining throttle, transmission and hydraulic controls in a convenient, ergonomic armrest
• CommandGrip controller with soft-touch buttons and backlit technology for easy and convenient access to various functions, even in low-light conditions
• IntelliView 10.4 touchscreen display for equipment control and precision adjustments
• Rear sunshades and tinted rear windscreen

These features – and many more besides – are also available as optional extras on T7 Classic models.

Buying a used New Holland T7

Buying a used New Holland T7 tractor is an excellent way to access innovative technologies in a powerful machine at a competitive price.

At E-FARM, we have an extensive range of New Holland T7 for sale, with independent inspections available to ensure their quality. Our experts can also provide advice in over 20 languages, so you always have specialist assistance on hand.