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John Deere 6250R

Tractors in John Deere’s 6R series are designed to be versatile, compact yet powerful utility tractors capable of handling a variety of agricultural tasks. The John Deere 6250R tractor is the largest in the series, though its frame remains relatively compact considering the powerful engine under the hood. And of course, it comes in the manufacturer’s iconic green and yellow paintwork.

Launched in 2016 and manufactured at John Deere’s factory in Mannheim, Germany, the JD 6250R is fitted with a John Deere PowerTech 6.8-litre, six-cylinder engine with a rated output of 250 hp (up to a maximum of 301 hp with IPM boost). Its compact design and 290 cm wheelbase expertly combines agility and stability, helping to achieve an excellent power-to weight ratio.

The John Deere 6250R has a maximum speed of 50 kph and offers impressive fuel efficiency, making it ideal for transport activities. In fact, it won the DLG PowerMix Transport Test 2.0 for five successive years. The 6250R also uses a range of systems to achieve Stage V emissions compliance.

The ComfortView cab provides panoramic views of the driver’s surroundings, maximising glass area and minimising obstacles. It also features adaptive hydraulic suspension for a gentle ride, even on rugged terrain. The award-winning, ergonomic CommandPro joystick was optional when the JD 6250R was initially released but, after winning the 2016 Farmers Guide Award for Excellence and a number of other accolades, it now comes as standard.

The John Deere 6250R has proven its worth as a reliable, efficient utility tractor and was nominated for the prestigious Tractor of the Year award at Agritechnica in 2018.

Features and specifications

The 6R series is equipped with a range of automation options and pre-programmed functions. These smart functions leverage efficiencies, reduce planning time and can be connected with other devices and platforms to maximise productivity and profitability. Additionally, the CommandCenter in-cab display ensures that farmers always have a clear overview of key figures and parameters.

Some of the John Deere 6250R specs include:

• John Deere PowerTech 6.8-litre, six-cylinder engine
• Rated engine power: 250 hp (max. 300 hp with IPM boost)
• Transmission type: John Deere AutoPowr
• Weight: 9300 kg
• Wheelbase: 290 cm
• Fuel consumption: 348 g/kWh

Used John Deere 6250R for sale

The John Deere 6250R offers impressive power and agility in a robust yet compact design. It has proven popular among farmers looking for a versatile, efficient utility tractor.

We have a range of used John Deere 6250R for sale via our extensive dealer network. From arranging independent quality inspections to finding out about payment methods and shipping arrangements, you can contact our specialist team with any queries. Our no-fuss approach means you can buy online with confidence.