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Fendt 309

German agricultural manufacturer Fendt has a long history of producing durable farming machinery that stands the test of time. The Fendt 300 series, which dates back to the 1980s, is a prime example. These compact, highly manoeuvrable tractors have demonstrated their value as versatile, reliable workhorses.

From the Fendt 309ls to the Fendt 309c and the Fendt 309 Vario, these dependable models prove their worth over five decades. This enduring success in the low-horsepower segment also includes numerous design changes, evolving from an original box-like frame to the more stylish, curved bonnet that emerged in the 1990s and 2000s.

Their exceptionally compact frame means they are ideal yard tractors. A low centre of gravity means the Fendt 309 is suitable for swift loading and manoeuvring in narrow environments. Additionally, the Fendt 309 has the power to perform various field-based activities with ease, thanks to its high pulling power and exceptional stability.

Fendt tractors boast a reputation for solid engineering and longevity, so used models, even with thousands of hours on the clock, still have a lot to offer. Equally, their durability makes them economical to run, with the bonus of minimal maintenance required.

Specifications and functions

Different generations, releases and variations of the Fendt 309 have wide-ranging specifications and functionalities. Though diverse, they share a common focus on reliability, versatility and efficiency – to provide straightforward tractors that stand the test of time and get the job done.

The Fendt 309 Vario is the most recent model, released in 2006. Its specifications are a good reflection of the offerings of other Fendt 309 models:

• Engine: Deutz 4.0-litre, 4-cylinder diesel
• Max. engine power: 79 hp
• Chassis: 2WD / MFWD 4WD
• Drum brakes on 2WD version; wet disc brakes on 4WD version
• Cab heating as standard; air-conditioning system optional
• Wheelbase: 234 cm
• Weight: 3800 kg

Fendt 309 for sale

At E-FARM, we have a wide range of Fendt 309 for sale, from the Fendt 309ls, Fendt 309c and Fendt Farmer 309 models of the 1980s and 1990s, through to the Fendt 309 Vario of the 2000s.

Even with thousands of service hours on the clock, these pocket dynamos deliver excellent performance and value for money. Our multilingual team of agricultural specialists is ready to answer any questions you have – enabling you to buy a used Fendt 309 online with complete confidence.