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Fendt 312

First launched in 2006, the Fendt 312 is a mid-horsepower utility tractor in the German manufacturer’s long-standing 300 series. The most recent model – the Fendt 312 Vario Gen 4 – features a range of new features in addition to Fendt’s trademark functionality and reliability. Although the specifications for previously generations differ somewhat, the fourth-generation model provides a good guide to what any Fendt 312 tractor offers.

The Fendt 312 Vario Gen 4 features an AGCO Power 4.4-litre, four-cylinder engine that provides a maximum of 123 hp and 536 Nm of torque. Additionally, the multi-award winning Vario transmission enables stepless speed adjustments between 200 m/hour and 40 kph. This translates to tremendous pulling power and precise control, giving the Fendt 312 the ability to handle anything from heavy-duty cultivation to road transport.

Thanks to its innovative waisted design and Fendt Reaction steering system, the Fendt 312 Vario has a very tight turning circle for optimal manoeuvrability in fields and tight farmyards. Its high ground clearance is designed to protect delicate crops, while its SCR exhaust technology, DPF and DOC systems ensure compliance with Stage V emissions limits.

Inside the spacious VisioPlus cab, mechanical suspension as standard guarantees a smooth ride – with the option to upgrade to pneumatic suspension in premium packages. The seat and steering column can be adjusted as desired for maximum comfort, with an air-conditioning system included as standard. The curved front windscreen, expansive side windows and rear window with convenient handle ensure outstanding all-round visibility with minimal obstructions.

Features and specifications

Fendt follows a logical, modular system for tractor features and upgrades, with three configurations to choose from on the Fendt 312 Vario: Power, Profi and Profi+. Optional features include superior work lights packages, upgraded cab suspension and driver’s seat, and additional displays and smart functions. This high degree of customisation means it is important to check the full specifications when considering a used Fendt 312 tractor.

The standard specifications are impressive:
• AGCO Power 4.4-litre, four-cylinder engine
• Max. engine power: 123 hp
• Max. torque: 536 Nm (at 1500 rpm)
• Vario ML 75 transmission
• Wheelbase: 242 cm
• Weight: 4850 kg

Another innovative feature is the FendtOne concept, specifically designed to leverage digital technologies and maximise productivity. It comprises intuitive and ergonomic in-cab controls and functions as well as remote documentation and planning systems.

Buying a used Fendt 312 tractor

A Fendt 312 Vario will deliver reliability, efficiency and excellent pulling power – regardless of which equipment package it has. Outstanding versatility, durability and robust design are hallmarks of the Fendt brand.

At E-FARM, we have a range of used Fendt 312 for sale from our extensive, Europe-wide network of agricultural dealers. We understand that not everyone is used to buying used machinery online, so our multilingual team of specialists are ready to assist with questions about everything from quality checks to payment and shipping. Get in touch!