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Fendt 820

Launched in 2006, the Fendt 820 Vario is the successor to the Fendt 818 – renowned as Europe’s highest-selling compact high-horsepower tractor. Responding to farmers’ demands for an even more powerful compact tractor, the Fendt 820 Vario is designed with an outstanding power-to-weight ratio of 35 kg/hp.

It features a Deutz 6.1-litre, six-cylinder diesel engine with maximum power of 205 hp and maximum torque of 895 Nm. Additionally, its Vario transmission allows for stepless speed changes from 20 metres/hour to 50 kph moving forward, and from 20 metres/hour to 40 kph in reverse. The load-sensing hydraulics are equally impressive, with a pump capacity of 110 l/min providing excellent front and rear lift capabilities.

Impressively, in addition to outstanding pulling and lifting power, the Fendt 820 tractor is strikingly compact. With a modest wheelbase and weighing in at just over 7 tonnes, the Fendt 820 Vario is a manoeuvrable, surprisingly lightweight workhorse capable of everything from heavy-duty field work to transport and yard operations. And, thanks to its robust design and high-quality engineering, used models of the Fendt 820 tractor still deliver reliable, efficient service.

The fully adjustable steering column, air-sprung Comfort seat and air-conditioning system make the cab of the Fendt 820 Vario a pleasant place to spend a day in the fields. The cab design prioritises functionality over luxury, though optional add-ons include a heated rear window and xenon work lights for optimised, all-day productivity.

Specifications and features

The Fendt 820 Vario is a dynamic, compact tractor with the muscle and endurance to handle high workloads with ease. An intuitive tractor management system provides extensive, useful machine information, further supported by the excellent Variotronic headland control system.

The Fendt 820 Vario’s key specifications include:
• Engine: Deutz 6.1-litre, six-cylinder engine
• Engine power: 190 hp (rated), 205 hp (max)
• Transmission: Fendt Vario
• Max. lift capacity: 4526 kg (front), 9256 kg (rear)
• Weight: 7185 kg
• Wheelbase: 272 cm

Used Fendt 820 for sale

The Fendt 820 Vario is popular across Europe, so used models are easy to find. Impressive durability means that even models with over 12,000 service hours have a lot to offer. Their reliability and functionality is reflected in a slightly higher price point than comparable models from other manufacturers – which is balanced out by their low cost of ownership.

At E-FARM, we have an extensive range of used Fendt 820 Vario for sale through our extensive Europe-wide network of dealers. If you have any questions – from learning more about buying online to international shipments and quality checks – our multilingual team of agricultural machinery specialists can help.