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Fendt 718

The Fendt 700 series has enjoyed tremendous success for decades, combining fuel efficiency and manoeuvrability with the muscle required to handle anything from heavy-duty field work to demanding transport tasks. The Fendt 718 is no exception, with the final version of this model – the Fendt 718 Vario Gen 6 – constructed up to 2020.

The impressive specifications of the Gen 6 model provide useful insight to the appeal of previous generations. Its Deutz 6.1-litre, six-cylinder engine provides up to 188 hp and achieves maximum torque of 818 Nm, giving it the power to pull almost any attachment in the field. The Fendt 718 Vario also features SCR technology and DPF systems to ensure compliance with Stage V emissions limits.

The famed Vario transmission enables stepless speed changes between 200 m/hour and 50 kph, while Fendt’s Tractor Management System (TMS) enhances fuel efficiency by making automatic adjustments to the engine and transmission, depending on current load. Combined with the VarioActive steering system and self-levelling action, the Fendt 718 provides impressive pulling power and outstanding manoeuvrability – especially for a robust tractor weighing in at almost eight tonnes.

For the first time, the Gen 6 model also integrates the FendtONE concept with extensive advancements to create an ergonomic in-cab workstation. Additionally, various new functions in the FendtONE platform are designed to leverage digital insights and maximise efficiency. The cab also features pneumatic suspension, air conditioning and an air-sprung Comfort seat as standard, plus extensive glass areas for excellent all-round visibility.

Features and specifications

Fendt follows a modular, configurable approach to enable farmers to tailor their tractors to their specific needs and specifications. This includes offering four equipment packages for the Fendt 718 Vario: Power, Power+, Profi and Profi+. Optional upgrades include infotainment bundles, seat and cab suspension upgrades, and the intelligent Telemetry and Agronomy packages for the FendtONE platform.

The standard configuration still boasts impressive specifications:
• Engine: Deutz 6.1-litre, six-cylinder engine
• Max. engine power: 188 hp
• Max. torque: 818 Nm (at 1500 rpm)
• Vario ML 180 transmission
• Weight: 7790 kg
• Wheelbase: 278 cm

The FendtONE workstation in the Fendt 718 Vario cab is particularly impressive, including an ergonomic joystick, numerous assignable buttons for additional customisation and a range of display terminals.

Used Fendt 718 for sale

The Fendt 718 Vario is a powerful, versatile utility tractor suitable for everything from heavy-duty arable farming to demanding loading tasks and transport operations.

At E-FARM, we have a wide selection of used Fendt 718 tractors for sale through our extensive dealer network. If you want to arrange an independent quality inspection or have any questions about buying used farm machinery online, our knowledgeable team of agricultural specialists would be happy to assist.