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Fendt 724

The Fendt 700 series has been the German manufacturer’s best-selling range of tractors since its launch back in 1998. Built at Fendt’s main site in Marktoberdorf, southern Germany, these high-performance row-crop tractors combine impressive pulling power with exceptional manoeuvrability and a robust yet lightweight design.

The 700 series continues to go from strength to strength, with the Gen 7 models launched in 2022. The German manufacturer’s modular approach to options and outfitting allows farmers to choose different packages, from the basic Fendt 724 Power and Fendt 724 Power Plus to the premium Fendt 724 Profi and Fendt 724 Profi Plus packages.

Building on the success of previous generations, the latest version boasts performance and feature upgrades. One notable change is the engine, with a switch from Deutz to AGCO Power – a reliable Finnish manufacturer that, like Fendt, is a subsidiary of the US firm AGCO Corporation.

The Fendt 724 Vario Gen 7 has an AGCO Power 7.5-litre, six-cylinder engine with a maximum output of 243 hp and matching technologies that comply with Stage V exhaust emissions regulations. Additionally, the new version of the exceptional VarioDrive transmission, the TA 190, which helps to provide exceptionally high torque, even at low speeds. And, despite its impressive pulling power, the Fendt 724 still has an excellent power-to-weight ratio – and thereby achieves high fuel efficiency with minimised soil compaction.

The Fendt 700 Vario Gen 7 series has already hit considerable heights, winning the title of Farm Machine 2023 in the 180–280 hp tractor category at SIMA, Paris.

Features and specifications

The 724 Vario from Fendt is specifically designed with efficiency in mind: its lightweight construction minimises fuel consumption, while a range of intelligent solutions provide digital insights to optimise precision and productivity. The award-winning FendtOne concept includes intuitive on-board and off-board elements to help farmers refine their plans and boost profitability.

It also offers outstanding manoeuvrability, with one of the tightest turning circles in the high-horsepower category. Key specifications of the Fendt 724 Vario Gen 7 include:

• Engine: AGCO Power 7.5-litre, six-cylinder diesel engine
• Max. engine power: 243 hp
• Transmission: TA 190 VarioDrive
• Chassis: Fendt Smart 4WD
• Wheelbase: 290 cm
• Weight: 9025 kg (depending on selected package)

Previous generations’ specifications differ from model to model – the latest generation demonstrates the combination of power, efficiency and agility characteristic of the Fendt 724 tractor.

Used Fendt 724 for sale

Given the continued popularity of the Fendt 700 series, we have a number of used Fendt 724 for sale at E-FARM via our extensive dealer network. If you want to arrange an independent quality inspection or have questions about buying used farm machinery online, contact our specialist, multilingual team.