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Fendt 716 Vario

The Fendt 700 series has enjoyed tremendous success over several decades, becoming the German manufacturer’s best-selling range of tractors since its launch in 1998. Combining strength, agility, functionality and comfort with Fendt’s trademark reliability and high-quality engineering, their success is hardly surprising.

The Fendt 716 Vario lives up to its exceptional reputation. Suitable for everything from light grass-based work to demanding transport operations and heavy-duty row-crop farming, its versatility is impressive. Released in 2016, the latest version of the Fendt 716 Vario features a Deutz 6.1-litre, six-cylinder engine with a rated output of 163 hp (and a maximum output of 171 hp).

Its Vario ML 140 CVT is an obvious highlight, permitting stepless speed adjustments between just 200 metres/hour and 50 kph. Additionally, the innovative tractor management system is exceptionally fuel efficient and makes automatic adjustments depending on current loads.

The Fendt One system was introduced in the Fendt 700 Gen 6 series, with a series of in-cab and office-based innovations that collect and analyse data to maximise productivity and profitability.

Inside the cab, the redesigned workstation features pneumatic suspension, an air-sprung seat and air-conditioning as standard, while a comfortable armrest provides convenient access to ergonomically arranged controls. Optional features include infotainment and speaker systems for a little extra luxury.

Specifications and features

The Fendt 716 Vario is available in two basic machine configurations, each containing different standard and optional functions and features. The Fendt 716 Profi standard version does not include the basic guidance system package or the variable rate control system, which are included (or optional) in the Fendt 716 Profi Plus configuration.

Other features such as the ergonomic 3L joystick, upgraded driver’s seat, steering brake and front-loader attachment parts are optional in both configurations. Importantly, the configuration of used models should be closely examined due to the range of customisation.

The basic specs for the Fendt 716 tractor (Gen 6) include:

• Engine: Deutz 6.1-litre, six-cylinder
• Engine output: 163 hp (rated), 171 hp (max)
• Vario ML 140 continuously variable transmission
• Max. lifting capacity: 4418 kg (front), 10360 kg (rear)
• Wheelbase: 278 cm
• Weight 7735 kg

Used Fendt 716 for sale

Any farmer searching for a robust, reliable, high-powered tractor with a compact, well-engineered frame can depend on a Fendt 716 tractor for complete peace of mind.

At E-FARM, we have a wide range of used Fendt 716 for sale and can arrange independent quality inspections upon request, so you can buy online with confidence. And, if you have any queries about shipment, payment or tractors, you can contact our specialist team for multilingual support at any time.