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CLAAS Arion 420

German manufacturer CLAAS released its Arion 400 series tractors in 2009 as compact, agile tractors equipped with the functionality and technology of high-end models. The CLAAS Arion 420 achieves exactly that, combining exceptional manoeuvrability with impressive performance for a tractor of its size.

The Arion 420 (model year 2020) has a DPS 4.5-litre, four-cylinder engine that develops maximum output of 110 hp (boosted to 120 hp by the CLAAS Power Management (CPM) system). It is available with either a 16-gear QUADRISHIFT transmission or a 24-gear HEXASHIFT transmission and has a maximum speed of 40 kph.

Numerous factors contribute to the excellent handling and manoeuvrability of the CLAAS Arion 420. The wasp-waist front axle, for example, effectively distributes the five-tonne unladen weight to maximise stability and tractive power, including on uneven ground. Additionally, the compact tractor’s tight turning circle and range of optional steering systems – including the GPS COPILOT and advanced, ultra-precise GPS PILOT FLEX – ensure operation with a high degree of accuracy.

The CLAAS Arion 420 is available with various cab choices, from low-roof and high-roof versions to the CLAAS PANORAMIC cab, which won a Gold medal at the SIMA Innovation Awards 2015. This high-visibility option is ideal for front loader operation, with the front crossbar removed and a continuous windscreen and sunroof in its place. Additionally, the cab features air conditioning and an adjustable steering column as standard, along with an ergonomic multi-functional lever and a logically arranged instrument panel for efficient, productive operation.

Features and specifications

Functionality is front and centre in the CLAAS Arion 420 tractor. Farmers can lift the single-piece bonnet one-handed to access the engine, radiator and other primary components for easy, convenient servicing. The tractor’s streamlined bonnet also ensures that the driver has the best possible view of the front attachment when lowered.

In its standard configuration, the CLAAS Arion 420 has impressive specifications:

• DPS 4.5-litre, four-cylinder engine
• Max. engine output: 110 hp (120 hp with CPM)
• Max. torque: 465 Nm (500 Nm with CPM)
• Chassis: MFWD 4WD
• Wheelbase: 256 cm
• Weight: 4900 kg

Standard, CIS and CIS+ configurations of the CLAAS operating system are also available for the CLAAS Arion 420.

Buying a used CLAAS Arion 420

The CLAAS Arion 420 is a versatile, durable mid-horsepower tractor capable of performing a wide array of agricultural tasks. Models with more than 5,000 service hours on the clock are often listed for under €50,000 and, if properly maintained, can still serve as reliable, productive workhorses.

At E-FARM, we have a number of used CLAAS Arion 420 for sale through our extensive dealer network. If you would like to book an independent inspection or have questions about shipping arrangements, reach out to our multilingual team of tractor specialists. We’ll be happy to help.