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CLAAS Axion 960

Launched in 2017 as part of a major overhaul of the Axion 900 series, the CLAAS Axion 960 is the top-of-the-range model with immense pulling and lifting power.

Its FPT 8.7-litre, six-cylinder engine has a maximum output 445 hp, to offer maximum torque of 1860 Nm and achieve a top speed of 50 kph. Combined with a rear hitch with a maximum rated lift of 11250 kg, the CLAAS Axion 960 is capable of everything from demanding field work with large attachments to dynamic road transport. The CMATIC continuously variable transmission also provides powerful acceleration and smooth deceleration.

The cab is available in a straightforward, intuitive CIS+ version as well as an advanced CEBIS version that boasts a host of high-end assistance functions and additional display terminals. Both versions feature air-conditioning and four-point cab suspension as standard, as well as wide-angle side mirrors for added safety during road transport.

The CLAAS Axion 960 is also available in a TERRA TRAC (TT) version, which features a rear crawler track assembly to minimise soil compaction and provide added traction. This helps to promote long-term fertility, particularly in soil types vulnerable to compaction.

The CLAAS Axion 960 CEMOS was named Sustainable Tractor of the Year 2021, recognising its fuel-efficient technologies and optimisations. In 2017, the CLAAS Axion 900 TERRA TRAC models won a Silver medal in the Innovation Award at Agritechnica 2017 for their unique suspension systems.

Features and specifications

Impressive power might be the calling card of the CLAAS Axion 960 – but it has the brain to match its brawn. Its engineering includes excellent weight distribution to minimise soil compaction, while the advanced CEMOS driver-assistance system makes ballasting recommendations, suggests settings depending on attachments and proposes optimisations in operation.

The CLAAS Axion 960 boasts truly impressive specifications:

• FPT 8.7-litre, six-cylinder engine
• Max. engine output: 445 hp (at 1800 rpm)
• Max. torque: 1860 Nm (at 1400 rpm)
• CMATIC continuously variable transmission
• Wheelbase: 315 cm (four-wheel version) / 295 cm (TERRA TRAC)
• Weight: 13000–14000 kg (four-wheel version) / 16200 kg (TERRA TRAC)

Optional extras include a choice of premium driver’s seats, upgrades to the air-conditioning system and up to 20 LED work lights for maximum productivity, which offer particular value during short harvesting windows.

Buying a used CLAAS Axion 960

If you are considering a CLAAS Axion 960, whether the four-wheel version or a TERRA TRAC model, power and performance will be key priorities. Thanks to robust German engineering from CLAAS and straightforward servicing, well-maintained used models are a smart way to access this market-leading tractor at a reduced price.

At E-FARM, we have a number of CLAAS Axion 960 for sale through our extensive dealer network. High-end tractors are a major investment, so if you have queries about specific listings or questions about buying a used tractor online, get in touch with our multilingual team for sound, specialist advice.