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CLAAS Axion 870

The CLAAS Axion 870 is the top-of-the-range model in the prestigious Axion 800 series, winner of Machine of the Year 2014 and Tractor of the Year 2014 titles at Agritechnica. Relaunched in 2017 with a host of new features, the latest version of the CLAAS Axion 870 tractor offers outstanding power and performance along with intelligent solutions to boost efficiency and productivity.

It is fitted with an FPT 6.7-litre, six-cylinder engine with maximum output 280 hp, which is further boosted to 295 hp with CLAAS Power Management (CPM). The CLAAS Axion 870 can also achieve a maximum of 1276 Nm of torque, so is capable of pulling almost any attachment across challenging terrain or in dynamic road transport.

The CEMOS systems installed in the CLAAS 870 optimise engine performance for an enhanced work rate and better fuel efficiency. It also includes the innovative CMATIC continuously variable transmission with a top speed of 50 kph.

The CLAAS Axion 870 tractor features a narrow, wasp-waist front axle, which gives the driver a clear view of the front attachment, improves the tractor’s stability and allows a tight steering lock angle for optimal agility. Additionally, the long wheelbase ensures ideal weight distribution for added tractive and lifting power as well as a smoother ride.

Inside the generously proportioned cab, the expansive glass areas and concave back window provide an excellent all-round view, especially over the rear attachment. All controls and instruments are within easy reach, while the air-conditioning system, double-insulated cab floor and non-slip steering while create a comfortable, efficient working environment.

Features and specifications

The cab is available in two configurations: CIS+ and CEBIS. The standard CIS+ cab is an upgrade on the CIS cab used in the rest of the Axion 800 range and features colour displays and a multi-functional armrest with logically arranged controls. The premium CEBIS cab includes a host of intelligent assistance systems, including touchscreen displays and the ergonomic CMOTION lever for precise, intuitive control of numerous functions.

The standard specifications of the CLAAS Axion 870 are eye-catching:

• FPT 6.7-litre, six cylinder engine
• Max. engine output: 280 hp (295 hp with CPM)
• Max. torque: 1276 Nm
• CMATIC continuously variable transmission
• Wheelbase: 298 cm
• Weight: 9050–9450 kg (depending on configuration)

The CLAAS CSM headland management system, GPS PILOT steering system and automatic climate control system can all be added as optional extras for enhanced assistance and comfort.

Buying a used CLAAS Axion 870

The CLAAS Axion 870 shares the same frame as the rest of the Axion 800 series but packs extra punch. Impressive pulling and lifting power combine with a range of intelligent features in this truly modern tractor.

At E-FARM, we have a number of used CLAAS Axion 870 for sale through our extensive dealer network. If you have questions about this model, specific listings or buying a used tractor online, get in touch with our specialist, multilingual team for sound, reliable advice.